Actionable Advice in DevOps for SAP Saves Time

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We have previous talked a little about how we focus on providing actionable insights into SAP rather than just building another monitor. The principal idea behind our research and development efforts is to remove the clutter and let the DevOps bots act as intelligent, highly efficient experts, who will first dig through your SAP systems and look for abnormalities and then, once found, look for solutions to the problems arisen from these abnormalities.

As Mogens explained in his blog post, Actionable Insights coming in DevOps 2.0, a few weeks back, it’s all about making insights aligned, contextual, relevant, specific, newsworthy and clear to be actionable.

A highly skilled expert could take a look at a couple of different graphs, then look into some underlying data and correlate that to come up with an explanation to a certain problem. He or she might need some time, but the best experts would find out what the problem is and be able to propose a solution.

Our Gekkobots, the intelligent bots that help analyze and monitor your SAP system, do the same but a million times faster than any human – and Gekkobots can correlate thousands and thousands of different data sources more or less instantly to find problems and solutions to them at lightning speed.

And that is what we’re striving to achieve with Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP. To provide you with the most efficient, skilled and fast SAP experts available. And they don’t just show you a graph or tell you that you have or will soon have a problem. They either solve it right away or show you how to solve it.

Below is a screencast from the upcoming Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP 2.0, which demonstrates this unique feature. Enjoy – and let us know, if you’re interested in hiring our team of SAP expert Gekkobots.

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