Automatic SAP test coverage feature available in Gekkobrain Codefixer

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The Gekkobrain for SAP HANA toolset is now being enhanced with an additional feature which will help you in testing phase of e.g. HANA migration or a Performance optimization project. This new feature will make the follow-up on the testing phase much simpler and will give you easy access to the overall test coverage – all the way down to code line level.

The test coverage feature is linked directly to the outcome of either a HANA or Performance Assessment, which will be the basis for generation of Automatic ABAP code fixes. And when all the fixes have been implemented and then later transported to the Quality system for testing, you can start using the new test coverage tool to see whether a fix has been executed or not. So the nice overview you have as a starting point with an assessment and generated fixes will be tracked directly in the test coverage report.

The test coverage tool will utilize existing data sources in SAP to evaluate the coverage, and apart from telling you whether a specific fix has been executed, then the tool can also compare the performance improvement before and after an automated fix has been implemented. So already during testing you will be able to spot the potential performance improvement of your SAP system achieved by custom code optimization.

It’s very relevant to have an automatic test coverage tool available when you implement a high volume of automatic code fixes as for example in a HANA code remediation project. The number of objects being changed might be high and it’s crucial to know that you can release all these changes to production with complete peace of mind.

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