Going Agile with Gekkobrain

Running a HANA Readiness project often means you will need quite a group of developers to work on all the issues discovered. So how can you easily manage the task of assigning development issues to this group and still maintain the overall project overview?

We have now added a new feature in Gekkobrain to help you with this. It’s now possible to plan the work in sprints and allocate objects/issues to those sprints — this will give you a better overview of the work to be done and also focus the development and test activities around the individual sprints. The sprints are defined automatically by Gekkobrain based on a combination of effort, impact and complexity.

If you are running one or more HANA upgrade projects for your customers, Gekkobrain will save you hundreds of hours in project management.

If you are looking into upgrading to HANA or want to improve the performance of your SAP system, then please feel free to request a demo. We’ll be happy to show you, what we can for for you.

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