Gekkobrain FLOWS for SAP

An X-Ray of your business processes

ML based Process Mining for SAP

Together with AI experts at Copenhagen University, we have developed Gekkobrain FLOWS, a machine learning process mining tool, that will automatically mine and visualize all your business processes.

With FLOWS you will be able to understand your business process; your main flows and the diversions they inadvertently follow more often then not. Gekkobrain uses ML to automatically detect and understand your flows without any need to upload business blueprints or process templates. Gekkobrain gets it!

Features from Gekkobrain FLOWS:

  • Visualization of all your business flows
  • Compare business processes from multiple systems before S/4HANA migration
  • See how business your processes look in ECC and how they will look in S/4HANA
  • Choose date range freely
  • Choose any starting point and any ending point freely
    e.g. Procure-to-Pay or Order-to-Cash
  • Compare good flows and bad flows
  • Automatic detection of variations and reasons for bad flows
    e.g. Why do we pay some invoices late?
  • Multidimensional analysis across business processes
  • Multi system and organization for comparison before system consolidation
  • Integrated to Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP
  • Integrated to Gekkobrain S/4HANA migration tools (link between processes and custom code)

Gekkobrain FLOWS in Action


  • Save time to understand and visualize your flows
  • Identify bottlenecks
  • Identity candidates for RPA
  • Optimize processes (e.g. increase percentage of Perfect POs)
  • Map process to logical solution components (for S/4HANA)
  • Map custom code to process and logical solution components (for S/4HANA)
  • Save money on problematic flows
FLOWS business process intelligence with ML

Choose and any date range, starting point and ending point and see your business process flow. Label or classify your flows or save as scenarios.

Heatmaps for multidimensional analysis

Using classifications and scenarios, which can be entered manually or suggested by the machine learning algorithm, Gekkobrain FLOWS allows you to investigate root causes by using the FLOWS heatmaps, which correlate all dimensions on all documents in all selected processes to look for reasons for problems. E.g. to answer this question: “What’s the main reasons for paying certain (or many) invoices too late?

Compare systems or visualize your processes in S/4HANA before migration

FLOWS allows you to overlay business processes from multiple systems (organization) to assess whether you can consolidate multiple systems in S/4HANA. We even allow you to overlay businesses processes from ECC with how your business processes will look in S/4HANA to understand differences and identify deltas.

Each color represents an organization. In the example above, it is obvious that the SAP system colored red will fit nicely together with the main SAP system (yellow).

Want to learn more or request a demo of Gekkobrain FLOWS? Contact us using the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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