Gekkobrain Launches FLOWS for SAP

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ML based Process Mining for SAP
Gekkobrain FLOWS provides an X-ray of your business processes.

Understanding business processes have never been more important than now where companies face S/4HANA migrations within a relatively short time frame.

So far, most process mining has been based on uploading business blueprints, process templates, conducting interviews and many more manual and expensive consulting activities.

Gekkobrain FLOWS is a cloud based process mining tool using machine learning (ML) to understand, mine and visualize your business flows.

With Gekkobrain users can freely choose which date range to mine, any starting point and any ending point, and Gekkobrain will go to work and instantly visualize the process flow.

Flow comparison

Flows can even be compared. Gekkobrain’s AI algorithm will allow the user to compare good flows and bad flows. This can for example be used to understand why some invoices are paid on time while others are not. What separates a good flow from a bad flow? Gekkobrain will look for metrics that make each flow unique, and the result can thus be used to improve the bad flows.

And all the other benefits of process mining

Process mining allows SAP users to understand how their flows work and identify bottlenecks or candidates for RPA.

And in the face of S/4HANA migrations, it’s an invaluable tool in understanding the business processes.

Integration with DevOps

Since Gekkobrain FLOWS is integrated with DevOps, it also allows SAP customers to map the business processes against custom code and against logical solutions components. This means that understanding the impact of S/4HANA simplifications have never been more efficient.

Say you want to bring over your ARIBA procurement process to S/4HANA. Let Gekkobrain determine and visualize the flow for you and link that to the cluster of ABAP that lies somewhere underneath, and you have a pretty clear picture of what needs to be done to bring that process with you.

If you want to learn more about Gekkobrain FLOWS let us know and we will be happy to schedule a demo.

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