How to Manage 25,000 Small Issues with SAP Code?

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I’mglad you asked that question. And the answer is that it’s not entirely simple without Gekkobrain for SAP HANA.

Amount of Issues

The number of issues you need to fix to get optimal performance from SAP HANA greatly depends on the amount of incompatible custom code you have. Incompatibility isn’t due to your code being wrong or bad, but after upgrading to HANA a lot of the old database calls will no longer function.

And logic suggests that the more lines of code you have, the more issues you will have.

Managing Issues

On the bright side, a lot of the issues can be fixed in an hour or even less, but managing which issues have been fixed and which are still unresolved can be a nightmare.

You could import your list of issues into a spreadsheet and try to keep track of them there. But needless to say, that isn’t an ideal solution.

You could also try to get them into a project management tool, but they are rarely designed to manage thousands of very small tasks like this.

Even if you do manage to find an effective way to keep track of your fixes, how can you be sure that they’re all correct? And how do you manage the new code that is written during your HANA-readiness project? 

Get the picture? A project-management nightmare!

We know the issues you are facing because we’ve been there. That’s why we developed Gekkobrain, building on solid experience with ABAP code and HANA-readiness projects.

Gekkobrain does a few cool things:

  1. It uses the code inspector to import all the issues
  2. It prioritizes the issues
  3. It calculates the efforts needed to fix the issues
  4. It fixes on average 95% of all relevant issues automatically
  5. It cleanses the object list based on your usage (no need to fix code you don’t use)
  6. It allows you to assign team members to each object (with unlimited users)
  7. It keeps track of their progress, as they fix the code
  8. It makes sure that new code is also scanned and analyzed in the same manner
  9. It gives you an overview of how far you are — and when you will be HANA ready

Gekkobrain – be SAP HANA Ready Video

You can run Gekkobrain on multiple SAP systems. So you can connect your ECC, BW and CRM systems at the same time and run the HANA-readiness projects in parallel.

In short, getting HANA-ready without Gekkobrain is no easy task.


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