Infographic: How Gekkobrain Enables HANA-Readiness

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We’ve talked a lot about our HANA-readiness tool Gekkobrain, as well as the benefitsand challenges of adjusting your ABAP code for SAP HANA. But how does Gekkobrain work? And what is it that sets our tool apart? 

All SAP users will eventually have to migrate their systems, and therefore their code, to SAP HANA, with the company setting 2025 as the cut-off date for legacy database support. So, if you want to continue working with SAP products in the long-term, you’ll need to get HANA-ready sooner or later.

An inevitable by-product of SAP HANA’s shiny new functionality is that any custom ABAP code written specifically to interact with legacy databases will be rendered obsolete and won’t work with the new system. In fact, it may even interfere with how well SAP HANA works. In short, this means in order to get the most out of migrating to HANA you’re going to have to identify and fix any instances of troublesome code. 

There are two ways to go about this, you could spend the thousands of consulting, coding, and testing hours required to get HANA-ready manually. Or, you could enlist the help of Gekkobrain, a tool that not only identifies and automatically fixes HANA incompatibility issues but also helps you organize and monitor your HANA-readiness project. 

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How Does it Work? 

The benefits of using Gekkobrain don’t end there. Even if you aren’t planning on migrating to SAP HANA in the foreseeable future, Gekkobrain can help improve the function of your current SAP systems. 

With so many adjustments made by developers in the life cycle of a system, it’s likely that much of your code is obsolete or has little practical use. In fact, 60% of all custom ABAP code isn’t used in the productive environment at all. Having so much superfluous code is messy and can cause your existing systems to run sub-optimally—using heavy database calls for commands that could have been achieved more efficiently. 

This is where Gekkobrain comes in, not only does it fix your existing code – optimizing performance – it also tracks any new code you add, alerting you to any HANA-readiness issues that arise from it. This means that when you are ready to migrate to HANA there’s no need to clean your code a second time. 

If you’d like to know more about what Gekkobrain can really do or the return on investment it can deliver your HANA-readiness project, book your free demo

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