JYSK Improves SAP Custom Code with Gekkobrain

Technology used: Gekkobrain for SAP HANA and DevOps for SAP

JYSK is a leading European homeware retail chain with 23,000 employees across 51 countries. Gekkobrain works closely with JYSK on product development with regular meetings where new features are discussed.

See SAP Enterprise Platform Architect, Frank Folsach Olsen, explain how he uses Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP in JYSK.

Performance issues in SAP

Problem: JYSK uses many external developers for their ABAP development and need to understand, track and improve the quality of the work performed.

Solution: Gekkobrain installed DevOps for SAP and quickly found a number of programs that had not been optimized for SAP HANA. Also a number of older programs were putting unnecessary strain on the database, and should be refactored for better performance.

Result: JYSK achieved much higher clarity about how their SAP system was performing, and since Gekkobrain stores data indefinitely, JYSK can see trends long back in time. All internal and external developers were trained in DevOps and how to look at productive data when developing new programs or editing older ones Performance is now improving on a regular scale and JYSK has much better control over ABAP quality.

Interested in achieving the same results as JYSK?

Sign up for a free demo of Gekkobrain and see, how we can help you understand your SAP system better and achieve better performance. And if you are not already on HANA, we can migrate you.

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