New User Model in Hanalyzer 1.2 (Gekkobrain for SAP HANA)

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We have just released Hanalyzer 1.2, which brings a number of new features out. Hanalyzer is a tool that helps SAP users find out, which custom code needs to be fixed before a HANA or S/4 HANA upgrade, and then helps manages the upgrade process.

The most important new features for our partners is the new user model, which has been simplified quite a lot.

Each partner has access to the partner administration, where new accounts can be added. An account represents a client. Users can be added at different levels.

The user model explained

Hanalyzer has the following user types:

  • Partner admin
  • Partner user
  • Account admin
  • Account user

Partner admin permissions

  • Add/edit accounts
  • Add/edit partner admins
  • Add/edit partner users
  • Add/edit users
  • Access to all accounts as admin (if allocated)

Partner user

  • Can access the accounts that the partner admin has allocated

Account admin

  • Can access accounts that partner admin has allocated
  • Can add/edit users on account

Account user

  • Can access the account that admins have allocated

What does it mean for you?

This means that in the future, Hanalyzer Partners will be issued a partner admin user name and password and can log in via the provided URL, e.g.

This login is the same irrespective of whether the partner admin needs to log into the backend or into specific client accounts.

Once logged in, the partner admin can add more users with different roles. For some partners it makes sense to have multiple partner admins, since they can create and access all accounts as well as create new users.

In the Hanalyzer partner administration, please remember to click on the Account Allocation button next to each user to define, which accounts the user may access. Remember that even Partner admins needs to be allocated to the client accounts to be able to access them.

Once an account has been created, the partner admin can either add users to the account directly in the user menu on the account or delegate this to the account admin.

Partner admins can access each account the same way as today from the single sign-on button on the account overview.

As always, you can come to us with any questions or find more information on how Hanalyzer can help you get your clients SAP HANA or S4/HANA ready in time on

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