Gekkobrain Insights for SAP

Save up to 20% of the load on your database

We have developed a technology specifically for SAP, which will improve your SAP performance, save on database and memory usage and minimize CPU time. On top of all this, the Gekkobot finds issues more or less a million times faster than any human. This means cost savings and happier users.

See how Gekkobrain Insights warns me via Slack that I have a performance issue for a group of users and immediately provides me with a suggestion on how to fix the problem.

Gekkobrain Insights for SAP means:

  • Better performing SAP
  • Faster troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Savings on server capacity (both database and memory)
  • Happier users
  • Ability to measure quality of outsourcing vendors
  • Blame-free DevOps culture
  • Faster development cycles
  • Minimize compute and storage costs

With Gekkobrain Insights, SAP customers can finally measure the quality of their outsourcing partners and set qualitative targets, which can be followed up upon. Performance of SAP will be improved and costs on server operation saved.

Improve SAP Performance

A majority of all SAP performance problems stem from issues with the custom code. Most SAP customers will have had several hundred developers on their system for the past decade or two and the code is messy. With Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP, we analyse how your code performs in the productive environment, we find unhealthy dependencies and bad code and either fix it automatically or advice on how to fix it.

  • Granular SAP performance analysis – down to specific user level
  • See how much unused memory you are paying for
  • Minimize calls to database
  • Minimize CPU load
  • Track multiple interfaces, even how your web applications can be optimized
  • Easy segregation of responsibility (Code / Application / Operation)
See an example of how Gekkobrain Insights for SAP provides actionable insight on a Fiori App with bad performance. And learn how you can save many hours to troubleshoot.

SAP Trouble Shooting at Lightening Speed

Gekkobrain Insights for SAP analyses and monitors all dependencies, so whenever there’s a performance problem, Gekkobrain will show you exactly which custom developed program is causing problems and all programs affected. The analysis drills all the way down to code line level, so the developers will know right from the start, what to fix.

  • Analysis of all dependencies
  • Overview of effect on performance or usage
  • Save thousands of hours looking for root causes
  • Actionable insights identifies exactly what to fix
  • Fix issues instead of expanding servers

Gekkobrain In Action: Take a Look At Some Of Our Customer Cases

Measure the Quality of Your Outsourcing Vendor

How do one measure the quality of ABAP code your outsourcing vendor delivers? With Gekkobrain Insights for SAP it is possible to define quality criteria and follow up. This is not only criteria pertaining to code conventions but about how the code is actually performing in the productive environment. Gekkobrain even tracks web applications, so it’s possible to measure runtime for all affected users.

  • Keep track of custom code performance in the productive environment
  • Track web applications and users
  • Make sure you Fiori Apps are efficient
  • Set quality objectives and follow-up
  • Blame-free culture allows you and your vendor to focus on results
  • No information overload – Gekkobrain only notifies if there are problems

DevOps Principles Ensure Faster SAP Development Cycle

Gekkobrain Insights for SAP acts as a basis for an agile development process, where developers have instant access to all relevant information about their programs already at time of development; which programs use mine, which programs do I use, how are they performing in production, are there any HANA or performance related issues?

  • Access to all productive information about active transports
  • Access to information about how deployed programs are performing
  • WhereUsed information at the ready
  • Overview of dumps, performance and issues at hand
  • Fast development of new programs of editing of existing

Watch this video for an overview of Gekkobrain Insights for SAP.

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