S/4HANA Code Inspection with Gekkobrain

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We have just released the latest version of Gekkobrain for SAP HANA®, which offers a whole new range of code checks, amongst these S/4HANA checks, which will allow you to see in which code line the issues have been found.

Gekkobrain for SAP HANA® is the preferred tool for many to analyse their SAP systems pre HANA migration to understand, how much code needs to be fixed in order for the system to run on HANA. Gekkobrain also automatically remediated code, on average around 95% of priority 1 issues (mandatory) and 80-90% of the relevant priority 2 issues (performance).

SAP recently released new code inspector variants, and since we build our inspections on SAP standard, we have extended our cloud service, to include thee inspections, so that our customers can now see, what the code implications of an S/4HANA migration will be down to line level in the code.

As before, we provide an overview, which shows the distribution of S/4HANA issues by Application Area and Simplification Category as you can see below.

The next graph shows issues distributed by Application Area.

If the user drills down into the results, we will show the actual issues and we will even show in exactly which code line the problem has been found, so that the developers can quickly find the issue as shown in the issue list below.

If the customer uses Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP, the scanning can be set up to run on regular basis as well as correlating the findings with production data, allowing the customer to keep track of progress and optimizing the system based on real runtime statistics.

If you are interested in learning more or to get an S/4HANA scan of your system, then feel free to contact us for a demo.

Looking at the analysis above with data from your system is only a few days away.

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