SAP uses Gekkobrain

Technology used: Gekkobrain for SAP HANA

SAP uses Gekkobrain tools to assess HANA custom code implications for their customers and our visualization tools to discuss next steps.

Assessing SAP’s customers’ HANA readiness

Problem: SAP Code Inspector generates a long list of issues, which is not accurate in the sense that it shows all issues found in the customer’s DEV system. Since a lot of code is in unused programs or has little or no impact, a different kind of analysis is needed to figure out, exactly what the customer needs to do to migrate their code to HANA.

Solution: We have installed and run Gekkobrain for SAP HANA for a number of SAP customers identifying exactly which code is relevant to fix. The software also accurately estimates the effort needed to fix the code, split into automatic code fixes and the few remaining manual fixes.

Result: SAP can now speak on an informed level with customers about how much resource they need to commit to migrate their custom code to HANA.

Gekkobrain is a very useful tool for us and the customer.
We ran a proof of concept installation of Gekkobrain with one of our customers, and the result was convincing.
Thomas Madsen Enterprise Architect with SAP, ATP

By using Gekkobrain, ATP were able to confirm the extent of custom code on SAP ECC and SAP BW. As a result, we have a better starting point for planning, estimation, risk assessment and resource allocation for our upcoming SAP S/4HANA project. ATP were happy that Gekkobrain could adapt to our security requirements.
Thomas Hartman
Section Manager – SAP Application Development, ATP

Read more about SAP’s experience with Gekkobrain here.

Some SAP customers, we helped to understand their HANA readiness.

Interested in finding out, what SAP did?

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