Gekkobrain for SAP HANA

We will migrate you to SAP HANA on budget and time. Created by SAP experts, Gekkobrain for SAP HANA is the automated custom code adaptation tool for SAP HANA readiness – perfect for those customers looking to migrate to HANA quickly, efficiently and with minimal internal effort.

Gekkobrain limits the scope of your S/4HANA custom code migration by up to 90% and provides automatic code remediation.

Gekkobrain will help you migrate to HANA faster and with substantial cost savings. Ask for Proof of Value below.

Gekkobrain limits the HANA migration scope by 90%

SAP Custom Code Analysis

Gekkobrain will run an initial scan, which finds all code issues in relation to HANA compliance. Next, our algorithm filters the results and shows exactly how much code can be fixed automatically, how much needs manual attention, and how much manual effort to expect.

  • Filters away unused code
  • Filters away code with no impact
  • Filters away false positives
  • Calculates manual effort
  • Identifies exactly how much can be fixed automatically

Gekkobrain In Action: Take a Look At Some Of Our Customer Cases

Automatic Code Fixing for HANA

Gekkobrain automatically fixes more or less all mandatory HANA issues in your custom code (priority 1), along with 95% of the relevant performance related issues (priority 2).

  • One-click fix
  • Up to 99% of mandatory issues
  • 95% of relevant performance issues
  • Changes imported via SAP transport system
  • Syntax checked
  • Checked for data consistency

Task and Project Management

Gekkobrain features an automated project management tool, which will keep track of the issues, that need manual attention. As they are fixed, Gekkobrain will check that they are HANA compliant and mark them as completed. This takes the hassle out of trying to manage many small tasks of maybe 15-30 minutes each.

  • Assign tasks and issues to developers
  • Create sprints
  • Automatic follow up
  • Keep track of progress with burn-down charts

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Limiting the S/4HANA Scope

Gekkobrain allows you to map technical objects against logical solution components, which allows you to minimize the scope of the code migration to only those objects that belong to processes, you wish to bring over.

Gekkobrain Proof of Value

The Gekkobrain Proof of Value provides a detailed insight into your HANA readiness from both a technical perspective and assessment of simplification impact. Results are ready in less than a week, and you will have access to Gekkobrain’s solution for 3 months in order to plan your next steps.

Watch this video for an overview of Gekkobrain for SAP HANA.

Learn more about our S/4HANA Proof of Value

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