SAP signs deal with us to offer Hanalyzer (Now called Gekkobrain)

This week we signed a license deal with SAP, which allows them to use Gekkobrain for their customers. We’re pretty proud that SAP believes that Gekkobrain is worth using, and we look forward to helping them and their customers.

Gekkobrain is a tool that helps SAP customers analyze and fix their custom code, so they can upgrade to HANA. A few months back we showed it to SAP, because we thought it would be something they could find useful when speaking to customers about HANA upgrades.

It turned out, we were right. SAP just signed a license deal with us allowing them to use Gekkobrain to assess the HANA readiness of custom code for SAP’s customer’s systems.

“Gekkobrain is a very useful tool for us and the customer,” says Thomas Madsen, Enterprise Architect with SAP and the first to use Gekkobrain. “We ran a proof of concept installation of Gekkobrain with one of our customers, and the result was convincing.”

SAP and Gekkobrain

Gekkobrain can effectively run in three modes: Assessment, Preparation and Upgrade. SAP will mainly use Gekkobrain for assessments, where a snapshot of issues is imported from the customers’ SAP systems. Gekkobrain then generates an analysis showing which issues need to be fixed and how long it will take. UPL data can be imported too, so issues from unused programs are filtered away. SAP and the customer then have a clear picture of what needs to be fixed and how many resources to allocate. Since Gekkobrain analyzes for complexity and impact, a bubble chart shows exactly which development classes to fix and in which order.

Gekkobrain allows us to have an informed discussion about the implications of a HANA upgrade with the customer. The dashboard clearly visualizes the issues and the amount of work estimated to fix them
Thomas Madsen
I have been impressed with Gekkobrain and the team’s support, and I look forward to using Gekkobrain in the future
Thomas Madsen

Since SAP will primarily use Gekkobrain for assessments for their clients, SAP partners can subsequently use Gekkobrain to provide a fixed price quotation for the upgrade. Once the customer has decided to get the code fixed, the partner can generate optimal sprints for the upgrade — and once planned, manage and monitor the upgrade process with Gekkobrain.

We can only say that we feel the same way and look forward to working even closer with SAP going forward. If you are interested in a HANA readiness assessment, you can contact SAP, one of our local partners or us directly. We will be happy to help.To learn how you can migrate your current SAP system to HANA

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