We’re Ready to Offer Automatic ABAP Code Fixing for HANA

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Since we launched Gekkobrain a couple of years ago, we’ve been involved with a number of HANA-readiness projects where our tool has helped analyse the custom ABAP code and manage the code adaptation process.

We typically eliminate 90% of the issues before getting started on code fixes by eliminating code items that are either in unused programs or because the fix will have limited impact – for example, performance related fixes in programs with low usage. 

This leaves just 10% of code issues to be fixed, all of which are either mandatory issues, those that prevent SAP HANA from operating, or performance related issues in frequently used programs.

Automatically Fixing Mandatory Code Issues

This has led us to develop, and begin testing, a tool that can analyse your systems and automatically fix the mandatory code (for example, “no sorting” and “native SQL” issues) before transporting the fixes back into your DEV system. 

Any performance related issues (for example, select * etc). can also be automatically fixed, but for quality assurance reasons each issue is flagged up to be manually checked – we call this semi-automatic fixing.

Once the fixes have been made and are transported back into the DEV system, we can precisely pinpoint who should test and which transactions to test, before releasing the code for production.

The Gekkobrain Auto-Fix Tool in Practice

This week we ran the first test of the full cycle:

  • Analyse code
  • Extract code
  • Fix code
  • Transport fixed code back
  • Test fixed code based on Gekkobrain data
  • Release for production

And Eureka! It works!

We’re proud to say we’ve now proved it works and have created a solid, replicable process, so our code fixing tool (now in beta testing) will be released early in 2018. 

After filtering away all the irrelevant issues, there was just 13% that required a fix and, more importantly, needed to be tested afterwards. Needless to say, the client liked the new process too because testing only took a portion of the time they expected.

If you’re interested in getting optimising your ABAP code and getting HANA-ready – Book your free demo today.

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