Why not clean up your ABAP code today?

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Over the past few months we have been in dialogue with quite a number of our partners’ customers, and in those conversations, one thing has become very clear: Very few realize that cleaning up custom code is not something that should wait until you decide to migrate to HANA. You should start now.

When is the best time to clean up custom code?

The following is an actual dialogue that I witnessed between one of our partners and a customer only a few days ago:

Customer: We love Gekkobrain, and we will definitely use it, when we are ready to upgrade to HANA.
Partner: But until you have used Gekkobrain you are not ready to upgrade.
Customer: There’s no rush. We will probably upgrade by the end of 2019.
Partner: So you need to start cleaning up the code now. 
Customer: Why? 
Partner: One — It’s much cheaper to clean it up in good time. Two — Any new code introduced until the end of 2019 will also be checked, so it’s HANA ready. Three — Your current SAP performance will be improved already.
Customer: How will our current performance be improved? Isn’t this for HANA? 
Partner: Gekkobrain helps you improve your code, so it’s best practice. This works already with your current version of SAP, and so your performance will be improved right away.

Needless to say, we agree. I wish I had said those words, but at least by writing them in our blog, I can sort of make them mine.

Why clean your custom code? 

We have over the years — and especially lately — seen a lot of ABAP code lines. We have written a lot of code lines too. With hundreds of different developers writing code in many years on your SAP system, it is probably time to send in the cleaners. A lot of code is messy. A lot of code uses heavy database calls that could have been done more efficiently.

We not only make you HANA ready, we actually improve the quality of your code dramatically — even on existing SAP releases.

What’s not to like?

Optimize your ABAP code and get better performance from your SAP systems – book a free demo today.

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