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Gekkobrain develops tools to help SAP Partners check and improve the quality of custom code. Hanalyzer is a HANA custom code adaptation tool, which finds, analyzes, highlights and estimates issues in custom code and modules before generating a project plan with recommended sprints. Our newest S/4 HANA edition also checks tables and views in preparation for S/4 HANA upgrades.

Hanalyzer is sold exclusively through SAP worldwide and our partners. To order a HANA assessment contact your SAP representative or one of the Gekkobrain partners listed below.

Hanalyzer shows SAP users exactly which custom code issues to fix when
"Hanalyzer is a notable solution to a significant problem."
Charles King, principal analyst with Pund-IT

Why Hanalyzer?

Hanalyzer is a project management tool for SAP Partners, who need to plan and execute HANA or S/4 HANA upgrades for their customers. Hanalyzer will give you detailed insight into what you need to fix, how long it will take – and helps you manage the project. The best way to do custom code adaptation for HANA is with Hanalyzer.

  • Finds all issues with custom code
  • Provides detailed effort estimation
  • Suggests sprints for fixing the relevant code
  • Manages your team and monitors the progress
  • Ensures that new ABAP code is correct and HANA ready
  • Agile analysis tells you exactly which code to fix when


Hanalyzer is your one-stop tool for managing HANA readiness.

Hanalyzer tracks, analyzes, prioritizes and estimates all issues.

Hanalyzer generates sprints based on complexity and impact as well as SAP’s golden rules.

Tasks can be assigned to team members and as they fix the code, Hanalyzer rescans your system and keeps track of progress.

All new ABAP code will be scanned and issues highlighted, so it can be fixed before committed.

A burndown-chart keeps you updated on the progress and deadlines.

Gekkobrain Hanalyzer works in minutes


Hanalyzer and Hanalyzer for S/4 HANA will give you the complete picture of all problematic issues

Hanalyzer analyzes, prioritizes and estimates the efforts for fixing ABAP code that is not prepared for HANA. Your source code is not imported, so it stays safe with you.

No matter when you upgrade to HANA, the custom code must be fixed. And if you start now, all new code will be correct, and chances are, old code can be fixed in good time before a HANA upgrade.

With Hanalyzer, we get your ABAP in good shape for a HANA upgrade and keep it fit.

When planning an S4/HANA upgrade, the S4/HANA Edition will scan SAP and deliver a complete report on all problematic views and tables. Read more about the Hanalyzer S/4 HANA Edition here.


Hanalyzer will save you thousands of hours for consultants, analyzing your system. And when fixing the code, Hanalyzer manages the team and monitors the progress for you, saving you half a project manager.


Hanayzer monitors your system realtime, so if new problematic code is committed, it will be caught and handled by Hanalyzer.

We keep your ABAP completely fit and ready for HANA.


Hanalyzer supports both HANA Business Suite and S/4 HANA


Partners have access to their own whitelabeled version of Hanalyzer for their own customers


All ABAP code remains on your system. Hanalyzer only imports inspections.


On average the systems we have tested have close to 30,000 issues. How many issues does your system have? Find out today!


Use our experts for technical project management


Hanalyzer analyzes your custom code and finds out exactly which issues are high impact/low complexity and collects it by development class or info area, so you can spend time on the right issues.

Gekkobrain Consulting Services

Gekkobrain’s partners have access to Gekkobrain’s team of experts for technical project management. We have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed with HANA upgrades.

Our consultants all have a minimum of 15 years SAP experience, and they are on standby for all our partners to manage the technical aspects of the HANA upgrade.

Please contact us to learn more about, how we can help you deliver migration projects to your customers to the highest quality.

Read more about our technical project management services for HANA upgrades.

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Hanalyzer is sold exclusively through SAP or our partners. If you are a SAP partner looking to win more HANA upgrade projects to save resources and time on your existing HANA upgrade projects, our partner program might be for you.

Your Own Whitelabeled Hanalyzer

Win HANA Upgrade Projects

Realize Cost Savings on Your Upgrade Projects

Get Substantial Discounts

Access to Technical Project Management Resources

Hanalyzer partners win more HANA upgrade projects


Hanalyzer is sold exclusively by SAP worldwide or one of our partners listed below. If you have questions about Hanalyzer, you can also contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


itelligence is a global SAP Platinum Partner with over 25 years’ experience. More than 5,000 experts in 24 countries support you every step of the way – ensuring you get more out of your SAP solutions.

We know that your path towards digital transformation is just as unique as your company. That is why you need an IT partner who not only knows SAP software inside out, but also understands your industry and your specific business needs.

itelligence uses Hanalyzer from Gekkobrain


ConCorn is a professional consulting company specializing in SAP Solution Manager and Application Lifecycle Management solutions based on ITIL best practices.

Concorn USA uses Hanalyzer

South Africa & Australia

BluePencil was established in 2004 with a core focus on delivering specialist SAP services in SAP Solution Manager, Resourcing and Training. Ten years later, and still privately owned, BluePencil is now a group of companies that offers a range of SAP and IT focused technology, mobility, education and change management services.

BluePencil – SAP Consulting

South America / Chile

Henley was established in 1998 and now focuses on ERP S / 4 HANA, SAP JAM, SAP BPC and SAP BI aiming its services to medium and large enterprises.

Henley also manages all activities of the development process. Henley is SAP channel partner in Chile, certified by SAP as Partner Center of Excellence.

Henley SAP

South America / Chile

A Services is a services and consulting company, covering the complete cycle of SAP services from architecture and initial design, operation, management and protection of information regarding backup/restore and monitoring of SAP systems.

A Services Chile - SAP Partner

Middle East & Africa

Exalogic Consulting is a leading IT service provider and Software Development house which consciously delivers services to its customers with the right level of flexibility and agility in the Middle East and North Africa.



ProXit, founded in 1997, is a consulting company delivering services to customers using SAP solutions. ProXit is SAP Services Partner with a number of SAP HANA certified experts.

ProXit’s know–how covers not only the proven ABAP technology but also the newest SAP development frameworks like SAP Fiori, SAP Personas and SAP UI5.

Proxit, SAP, Schweiz


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Average distribution of SAP custom code issues by priority for all Hanalyzer users preparing for a HANA upgrade

Priority 122%
Priority 267%
Priority 37%
Hanalyzer shows you all custom code issues


Whenever you upgrade to HANA, your code needs to be fixed. With Hanalyzer, you start cleaning up today, and our real-time monitoring keeps your ABAP clean, so you can be ready for HANA.

Contact us today to learn more or to be connected to one of our partners.

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